Wish you could meet her…

Or maybe you have had the pleasure!  When I think of servant’s heart, I think of Buli. She has taught me so much about loving my neighbor as myself.  

Buli lives in Bekhulwandle.  Just a stone’s throw from Seed of Hope.  She has worked with us at SOH for years now, but this is only her second year on our health team, and what a beautiful addition she has been.  Because she lives in the community, she knows almost everyone, which helps A LOT when we have complicated cases or are not sure where someone lives, etc.

She also has a heart bigger than anyone I know.  She often has neighbors coming to her during “off” hours for her advice, for help, for a place to sleep, etc.  Buli lives in a humble home with her children, but she does not like to turn people away.  She has had people sleeping on the couch in the small little living room for days because they have no where else to go.  She has also given up her own room in the past for similar circumstances.  Truly loving her neighbor as herself!

Sometimes when we climb into the bakkie (our health team pickup), Buli will start a lively song and sing and “dance” her way through the day.  She is, otherwise, quiet in her work, but always very thorough and devoted to all of our clients.  Frequently we come across cases that seem beyond our help – very sick or complicated family crises.  Our work can be very sad and depressing at times.  I don’t want to sugarcoat it and say that Buli never feels depressed or lets the pain get to her, as it does happen.  BUT very often she comes out of client homes with a song on her lips and a prayer in her heart.  She reminds us with song that God is in control of this broken world we call home.  We do as much as He asks us to and then ask Him to fill in our gaps.

Just a couple of other tidbits of information about Buli – she is an amazing cook and businesswoman.  On the side, she runs her own business catering and teaching tourists how to cook “African.”  Some of her other interests include learning new things (presently she is studying to get her driver’s license!), parties (she brings a lot of life to all our SOH parties!), her children, healthy eating, exercising, etc.

Thank you, Buli, for teaching me so much about life and love.  I am a different person today because of having you in my life!  Hope someday you get to meet Buli!  She will, no doubt, leave an impression on you, as she has on me!

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  1. Grandma Reply

    Oh, dear daughter, this is so touching. I can just see both of you in a house doing what you can for the people there. Being God’s hands and feet, what a privilege!

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