School perks – my life#8

One of the perks of living in South Africa is that the public schools here have amazing extracurricular activities!  My kids have never attended school in our home country of Canada as we moved here when they were 1 month, 2 years and 4 years.  This is the first year they have all been in school and it has been a great experience for all of us.  

I don’t have anything to compare their schooling to, since Amanzimtoti Primary School is the only school they have ever attended, but from what my friends tell me from back home…  extra sports, choir, etc is no longer offered at schools free of charge.  Thankfully for us, it is free here!  And the children are all encouraged to join in extracurricular activities.  Most of them occur directly after school, so it makes it very easy for the parents.

Each term has a few different sports to choose from and then extra things like drama club, environmental club, chess, art club, etc.  This last term was athletics (track and field) and both Marae and Nate made it onto the school athletics team.  Proud of my little athletes.  They love to be fit and I often find them running up and down the stairs in our back yard or doing “bedercise” as Marae calls it… exercising in her bed! ;-)

Some of the activities they have been involved with this year:

Marae – swimming, chess, soccer, art club, athletics, scripture union, and choir

Nate – rugby, soccer, chess, athletics, cricket, and swimming

So despite the fact I do still really miss having them home with me, they are really enjoying the school experience!

Nate and Wandile getting ready to race!

Almost to the finish line of her 800m race!

3 Responses to School perks – my life#8
  1. Laura Anne Reply

    Although I don’t think the activities are as well organised as this, in the UK extracurricular stuff is free of charge. There’s usually opportunities to learn a musical instrument free of charge too.

  2. Grandma Reply

    Way to go my SA grands! I am so glad that you are wanting to exercise. When you come home you will have to get Papa and Grandma exercising!

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks mom! The kids are looking forward to going on walks with you and Papa when we are home next!!

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