Our children’s support group often does artwork or works on their scrapbooks during group meetings.  A few months ago, they were supposed to be painting pictures of their families (as shown in the above photo.)  One little girl, however, seemed to really struggle with this task.Nosipho tried to draw, but as she was painting, she became more agitated and angry.  The picture below is the painting of her family.  There is no mom, no dad, no siblings.  In fact, one can not really tell that there are any human beings in the painting at all.   Unfortunately that painting actually does depict reality.  Nosipho has no one.  Her mom has abandoned her, her dad died last year (he had been abusing her prior to that) – she now lives with a granny who doesn’t want her and an auntie who is too busy with her own life to worry about another child.

Not a happy story, but one highlight is that support group provides a safe place for her to let out her emotions.  She knows and trusts that Jabu and Buli (the SOH support group leaders) will support her and love her no matter what.  Support group is that to many of its members.  They feel so much love and care from our staff and you can actually see relief and peace in their faces as they enter the room.  What a gift that is!  So while we still pray that her home life will improve, it warms our hearts to see little steps of trust – even if it comes out as anger.  We can take it, Nosipho.  Let your heart feel…

No family to draw….

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