‘I don’t think anyone died’

I overheard someone say the other day, “I don’t think anyone died in this past election!  Amazing!”  He was corrected by a friend – two people did lose their life during some political unrest.  This however, is dramatically improved from the past, when there has been tremendous loss of life during election seasons.

4 years ago, during the last elections, a woman, just outside of Seed of Hope, was shot and killed because she was wearing the “wrong” coloured shirt.   Bhekulwandle used to be known, especially, for its political violence.  And we have seen that multiple times over the past 7 years of living here.

Each party has their own colour – and it is very evident who you are supporting when you wear certain colours.  This year however, it was beautiful!  We saw people from all different political parties, set up on the same corner in Bhekulwandle – dancing, singing, encouraging people to vote with them – but no violence at all!

Christians all over South Africa, including our SOH staff, spent weeks preceding the elections praying for peaceful results – thank you Lord.  South Africa is a country that has seen God’s hand in so many ways.  And we continue to see it on a daily basis.






Photo Credit:  Kerry Wiens


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  1. Grandma Reply

    How awesome God is! I find that He is so often forgotten till the emergency. So glad SOH is setting the example–praying before and during and after. God bless all of you there.

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks mom! It really does feel like God’s hand was over South Africa during this time. 🙂

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