Sad little girl update

We still didn’t get much of a smile out of her, but she was discharged from the hospital just in time to come to our Seed of Hope kids Christmas party.  We made sure there was a present with her name on it.  She stood in the queues to get some love from Father Christmas and receive her gift.  She tried to join in with games as much as she could or stood to the side to watch the festivities when she didn’t feel up to playing.

If you haven’t read her story, you can find it here.

Thankfully, she was discharged into the care of her auntie who lives in Bhekulwandle.

We will be able to keep close tabs on this precious little girl and she will be able to join our children’s support group.

She is still on tuberculosis medication.  Her lungs have not responded well to the treatment though, and it appears she may have permanent lung damage from the MDR (multi-drug resistant) TB that she had.  We are praying for her recovery and also praying that she will know the love of Jesus as she interacts with our Seed of Hope staff.  Her granny, who lives with the family, is a former sangoma (witch doctor).  The granny is very open to us and so we continue to work and pray for the whole family.

We started getting glimpses of joy being infused back into that little life during the Christmas party.  We are trusting that God will continue to use us to bless and love this little girl, His precious child.



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  1. Christie Vevoda Reply

    What a precious child!

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